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Death In The Deep End Gallery

Posted by Tom Mangham on

Last Friday we hosted our Halloween Jam and subsequently our first ever event at the Pool. It's safe to say that things got gnarly. We had a great turn out with a ton of people donning their finest Halloween get-ups, with a massive props to Tom Sledmore on his amazing bunch of grapes costume, he may be a handful but it certainly puts the effort in.
Many hammers were thrown with overall winners Pete Carron, Rory Underhill & Tom Kinman taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
To finish off we session'd the HUF tombstone with Rob Ayton taking the Best Trick with a Nollie Hardflip and went home with the goods. 
Special shout out to Pat with the boneless finger flip over the channel, that was so mad!!
Here's some of my favourite shots from the night courtesy of Tom Sparey, edit to come.
Tom Kinman - Flip to Flat
Pete Carron - BS Smith
Patrick Merryfield - Boneless Finger Flip
Adam Moss - Flip BS Noseblunt
Patrick Merryfield - Steezy Front Rock
1st Place - Pete Carron
Pete Carron - Backside Flip
Rory Underhill - Hardflip
Rob Ayton - Ollie

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