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FTW Party Results, Edit & Gallery

Posted by Tom Mangham on

Last Saturday we held our 4th Annual FTW Party, this year at our new Campus Pool skatepark, and it's safe to say it went off!!
With up to £1200 in cash up for grabs, people through down some gnarly stuff including some rad NBD's.
Under 16's:
1. Myles 'Bear' Amos
2. Rafferty Mainland-King
3. Ben Bowman
Over 16's:
1. Jed Cullen
2. Sam Pulley
3. Adam Keys / James Threlfall
Check out the edit from the night below courtesy of Stefan Darque and photos by Tom Sparey & Griff.
Campus 4th Annual FTW Party 2015 from Campus Skateparks on Vimeo.
 Bear Fs Board
Myles 'Bear' Amos - Fs Board - Photo Griff
Unknown Under 16 - Bs Board - Photo Griff
Rafferty Mainland-King - Ollie To Flat - Photo Tom Sparey
Dom Spey - Fs Smith - Photo Griff
Adam Keys - Hardflip Bs Lip - Photo Griff
Sam Pulley - Feeble Grind Fakie - Photo Tom Sparey
Sam Pulley - Invert - Photo Tom Sparey
Jed Cullen - Kickflip Fakie Over The Gap - Photo Tom Sparey
Jed Cullen - Gap To Axel Pop Back In - Photo Tom Sparey
Bailey - Footplant Fakie - Photo Tom Sparey
Sam Pulley - Madona - Photo Tom Sparey
Sam Pulley - Fs Nosegrab - Photo Griff
Sam Pulley - Bs Disaster - Photo Griff
Coops On The Decks
Jed Receiving his $$$

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