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Campus Pool Lock-In | DC Shoes UK

Posted by Tom Mangham on

Last month the Pool was graced with the heavy hitting UK DC Team and it's fair to say they shut the place down. From tech wizardry to all out bangers, it fully went off and DIY Bristol/Clockwise Media were there to capture it all. Sit back and watch 4 minutes of the best skating to be witnessed at the Pool so far, you're in for a treat.
Featuring Tim Prozorov, Conhuir Lynn, Dave Snaddon, James Bush, Sam Pulley, Sam Murgatroyd and Dylan Hughes.
Camera Crew: Dan Higginson, Sim Higginson, Robin Kother, Tim Crawley
Edit: Dan Higginson

DC UK Lock In @ Campus Pool from Clockwise Media on Vimeo.



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