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Campus Pool Lock-In / Drawing Boards

Posted by Andre Seidel on

Over the last few years we have formed a good friendship with AD McEvoy and the Drawing board boys. Watching this company go from strength to strength not only in board designs but also in a banging team. AD is a powerful force that is determined to provide the UK with a brand that rivals US companies.

When he mentioned he was going to come through Bristol on the first leg of a country wide skate tour we absolutely had to get him to the POOL for a Lock-In session. Unfortunately on the first attempt the boys hit the Deaner way to hard before getting to the POOL, so another trip was planned for early the next year.

This time with more riders, including Ash Challis , Isaac Miller , Adam Keats , Phil Batchelor and Jak Tonge. Accompanied by Josh Wells and Myles Cantello to film.

Safe to say we are extremely happy with the results and think you will be to.

Remember Drawing Boards are available in both stores and online. 

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