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About Us

Directors: Andre Seidel / Tim Nokes
Founded in 2011, Campus Skateparks is a not for profit organisation that uses the positive energy and influence of skateboarding to engage with children and young people. With two indoor venues and skate shops in both North and South Bristol each with their own identity and unique design to cater for all ages and abilities.
"rebranding youth work" is a bold statement but it is something we strongly believe we are doing. Many people don't even realise we are primarily a youth work organisation and we like it that way.
"It is our belief that the best way to work with young people is to provide an inclusive space that gives opportunities for socialising and personal development without pressure to conform"
In 2011 we set out as one youth worker and one social worker to use the positive energy and influence of skateboarding to engage with children and young people. We used our personal passion for skateboarding and our professional understanding of working with young people to build our dream.
Over the years that have followed, our organisation has gone from strength to strength at a time when much of the budget for youth has been stripped back to almost zero. We are now proud to be in a position where we have two skateparks with thousands of members, as well an amazing skate shop and online shop.
Whilst growing we have developed a strong brand identity. With this there is a growing understanding in both youth work and skateboarding that money spent with us does not generate profits for investors but invests in the future of both our facilities and our unique brand of youth work.